Additional Links

Shaping Healthy Behaviours table (Module 1)


Dangerous Decibels - "What's that Sound?" (Module 1)


Hearing Loss Simulator (Module 1)


Sensimetrics - Hearing loss simulation (Module 1)


Diagram of the ear (Module 2)


Online video of the ear with audio commentary (Module 2)


Flash cards (Module 3)


Hearing Charities has created a free video presentation about how an ear works. The Hearing Charities' mission is to create a hearing healthy world through raising awareness & promoting collaborations


National Acoustic Laboratories aims to lead the world in research and development that improves the way hearing is assessed, hearing loss is prevented, and hearing loss is rehabilitated. A free hearing loss simulator is available on their website. website. The Hearing Loss Prevention (Protection) page may also be useful. Posters: "Frequency and intensity of familiar sounds" & "Noise destroys your hearing".


Play It Down app for iPhone and iPod. Free download to put your hearing to the test with three fun features.


HearNET (The Hearing Education and Research Network)is a not-for-profit website created by the HEARing CRC for health professionals, researchers and anyone interested in better hearing. It provides up-to-date information on: Hearing health; hearing technology and innovations; and how to protect your hearing.



The Hear4Tomorrow programme has been developed as a result of funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing provided through their Hearing Loss Prevention Program.

The team would like to thank the educational organisations who provided feedback and advice, including schools and teachers involved in the development and evaulation phases of the programme.

The H4T team also would like to thank organisations who have allowed their resources to be included in the programme.

In particular the team acknowledges the generous support provided by the Dangerous Decibels team. Their programme provides a model of high quality school-based hearing health education. We are grateful for their assistance and their willingness to make some of their materials accessible as part of the H4T programme.